One World Aikido

Photo by Blake Hutchinson
"Train hard, experience the light and warmth of the Art of Peace, and become a true person."
- Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei, Aikido Founder

One World Aikido, located in the Magnuson Community Center, is an independent aikido dojo. Through the practice of aikido, we become more focused, centered, grounded and balanced. Aikido practice encourages flexibility, coordination. The meditative nature of aikido many practitioners find helps in relieving stress.

Classes are offered for children, teens and adults, and are open to observation at any time. Prospective students are invited to visit the dojo and observe class. Visitors are also encouraged to ask questions and talk with other students and parents.

What makes One World Unique?

Photo by Blake Hutchinson

We are a community of people who practice aikido. The dojo is built around the idea that every member has an equally valued voice, equal access to high quality instruction and equal responsibility. Members have a voice in decisions which may effect their training, and help with the maintenance of the training equipment and space. The heart of the dojo is a community which enjoys and supports each other as individuals in an intergenerational group.

We incorporate beginners in regular classes and do not separate by rank. We believe it is important for beginning students to have senior students with whom to practice. It is often difficult for beginning students to work with another beginning student as neither has fundamental skills. By working with a more senior partner, we believe that beginning students are able to progress more quickly and smoothly in their training.

We honor different learning styles and perspectives. We understand that each individual learns in their own way. We are committed to helping each student achieve the maximum benefit from training, and use a variety of modes of instruction to support those differences.

In addition to a full complement of body techniques, we teach weapon work as a regular part of curriculum. We believe that all students benefit from working with the bokken (sword) and jo (staff). Many classes include some weapon work. We emphasize that weapon work has the effect of magnifying the picture when training, and therefore it is helpful to all students.

Students may join the dojo at any time. Beginners are welcomed and supported within the context of regular classes. It is understood that it is the obligation of the more senior students to work closely with beginning students.

Please send comments to the Chief Instructor.